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Who Are Oomph?

The Oomph is a portable coffee maker designed and created by Matthew Deasy an expert in the coffee field and also an engineer. It was launched on Kickstarter November 2015 and is fastly moving from strength to strength. Oomph is a simple to use, elegantly designed portable coffee maker and travel cup all in one. Oomph allows people to enjoy the perfect coffee on the go. The Oomph – portable coffee maker perfected. EY3 Media have worked alongside The Oomph team since the beginning of The Oomph journey creating visual assets to help market the product.

What Were The Oomph’s Visual Needs?

To begin with The Oomph needed a video production to help to achieve backers as part of their ‘Kickstarter’ campaign to help them to achieve the funding they required to get the product to market. EY3 Media needed to create a video that explained what The Oomph was, the detail into the design and features and also the team behind the design. It was important for EY3 Media to create a video that was informative as well as engaging and ultimately ensured potential backers saw the value in the investment into this brand new product.

After successfully funding The Oomph has now been brought to market and their visual asset requirement needed to be adapted to follow this growth. EY3 Media then went onto create a more glossy advert style visual for The Oomph to add valuable content to their website and social platforms. This was now to appeal to customers to invest in the device so our approach was adapted to suit this.

The Process

EY3 Media worked closely with The Oomph marketing team to ensure we built the correct strategy and offered our expert advice on how to bring their ideas and initiatives to life. We had team meetings at The Oomph offices to ensure we understood all of the brand’s needs. From there, our team brainstormed our creative ideas at EY3 Media studios and created a plan for how we could ensure we created visuals that communicated all of the key messages in an informative and engaging way. The Oomph has been expertly designed and engineered and we needed to communicate all of the features of The Oomph whilst still keeping the viewer’s interest. Our production team then created a storyboard and sent over to The Oomph team for approval. We then moved onto the creation of the video and later onto the edit.

The Results

Video 1 – Kickstarter Campaign

Using video to help encourage potential backers to fund The Oomph created a staggering 234% funding.

Video 2 – Website Video

The Oomph launched the video onto their website and within the first week they saw a 22% increase in online sales.

The Oomph has featured in many publications – most recently in GQ and is moving from strength to strength. We are proud to say EY3 Media have helped to create the market results for The Oomph that exceeded all expectations and look forward to continuing supporting them for all of their visual needs.